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WELDON is the official supplier of wooden flooring to the British Royal Family, and has received the Royal Warrant, a prize for the highest standards of excellence, quality, service and innovation.
WELDON offers boarded and parquet floors with a 6 mm top layer, marquetry and antique details. They offer a special option of buying 300-year-old French oak from 19th-century chateaux.
The company renovates the floors of historic buildings, using laser-cutting techniques to restore the full nuance of the flooring. Boards are handcrafted: polished, brushed, aged and tinted. A personalized approach to each project means customers can choose their preferred colour tone, with the finished product tested in the laboratory.
WELDON guarantees 100% control over the origin of the wood and raw materials used – something that is not obvious to the eye but that makes the brand special. WELDON flooring can be found at Buckingham Palace, the Victoria & Albert Museum and Charles Dickens' Mansion.


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